Friday, June 28, 2013

A Smashing Good Time

I spent the night at my Mom's house a few weeks ago. I went there to drop Jack off to her, since she likes to keep him some in the summertime and I knew I would be dropping him off later and would probably have to spend the night, so I took my smashbook kit that my friend Cass made me and got to work, since I had free time. This is the second half to my All about me 2 page layout, the first page is a few posts back.
                                                  Just threw this one together quick.
This a layout with my friends, the Schlemmer's on it, we visited them recently in St. Louis
Acute,simple page with Jack and his Aunt Cathy. I used some paint chip samples from Wal-mart to decorate with.
A page with Jack and his cousins, used a few more paint chip samples, they are not just solid colors, they have patterns, I used the butterfly one on this page.
Our trip to St. Louis, it was just Jack and I and we did a lot of stuff.  The tickets on the top of the page was when I took him by myself a few years ago, that is all I have from that trip.
He loved riding up the Arch, The Magic House, the baseball stadium, and of course visiting with the Schlemmer's.
I hope to find time to smash my latest trip soon. I have lots of stuff from the trip to Smash.


This N That said... ALL of these pages. PLEASE start posting in the Smash*aholics group. PLEASE????

Toothy said...

Cass, I would love to post in the group, but I don't have my pics on the computer but blogger has this new thing where it can pull pics directly from your phone, so that is why I am allowed to post so quick. I'm new to the whole smart phone thing, every time I try to get pics from phone onto computer, I get mad and frustrated. LOL I will post to the group if I ever figure it out though.