Sunday, June 9, 2013

Harry Potter Party

I have been playing catch up with my blog, since I did not post a lot last year, just posting the stuff from last year that have been asked about a lot.  Jack had a Harry Potter party for his 6th birthday at an inflatable place. We had a private party room, that I could decorate a table in.
I made cute Hedwig bags for the kids. I was so tired that I didn't take a picture of what was inside the bag. LOL. But the kids got rings with the crest of the 4 different groups in the movies (Ravenclaw, etc).A hard plastic drinking cup filled with candy and a black cauldron that I got from the Oriental trading company filled with jelly beans. I labeled the cauldrons "Berttie Botts any flavored beans" with a silver sharpee.  And of course everybody got to pick a home made hand crafted by me, LOL wand.  It was so funny even the parents wanted a wand.  So I did the Hedwig bags before I had a Pinterest account , but I used to browse through and get ideas, I don't remember where I found these, but I saved the pictures of my inspiration for the Hedwig bags. I liked the design of the top owl and the ruffles of the lower owl to look like feathers, but I didn't have a lot of time, so I did the top owl in Hedwig colors and just drew feather ruffles with a grey marker.

 I was also going to make butter beer, but since I didn't have it at my house I couldn't get as creative as I would have liked to.  So I took these butter beer and pumpkin juice labels and wrapped them around a hot cocoa packet and put in their goody bags. I also attempted to make chocolate frogs, but that was a disaster. There were only 2 good frogs out of the 24 I made and I just let Jack eat them.
Here is a picture of the bags and wands that I made.  The wands were fun. I had done all this research on wandmaking and to be honest it all looked complicated. I already had a lot of crafts, since I am a crafter and scrapbooker too.  I just raided my supplies.  I bought 2 cheap packages of 12" dowel rods at Hobby Lobby and went to work.
As you can see some are way better than others. I took my scrapbook ink and cover the rod with one color, let it dry then sprayed them with my gold walnut glimmer mist spray, let that dry, then I used a hot glue gun to create a handle. Some of the wands, I used electrical tape for handles, some just did designs with the glue gun, but then I remembered my fun flock, I covered the handle with glue then rolled it in the fun flock to make fuzzy handles.  Those turned out the best. I printed cute Olivanders wand shop labels, with which character the wand belonged to in the movie and what it was made out of.  Like one side of the tag would say unicorn hair and dragons blood or whatever and the other side said the characters name. Then I attached them to the wands with twine.  The other end of the wand looked bare and sad so I used stickles glitter glue on the very ends to make it sparkly and make it look like the magic is coming out of the wand.
I also made edible wands, which were pretzels dipped in white chocolate then dipped in colored sugar.  I made treacle fudge and golden snitch truffels, which were just Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and then I hot glue gunned white feathers on either side.
Not the cake I wanted but the Hogwarts cake kit was apparently discontinued.

The kids had a blast.  Jack felt so grown-up finally being old enough to have a school party and not just a family party.
My bestie and I being super silly.  I almost wore Jack's Harry Potter Halloween costume as party hostess. LOL It was a blast.

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