Sunday, June 2, 2013

A very eventful Memorial Day weekend

Well since Jack has been out of school, we have tried to stay busy. He is finishing up baseball, we have played outside with the dog alot and taken her for walks around the neighborhood, had playdates with friends, gone to cookouts and have gone swimming, had water balloon fights, gone bowling and gone to the movies.                                

                He took a picture with Blaine from kindergarten also on his team, as well as Andrew

                       At the park with Lily, feeding (running and scaring-in Jack's case) the ducks
 Lily was a little scared to climb up, Jack is fearless which scares me a little, I am waiting any day now for the first broken bone to occur.
                                                        He wanted Mama to climb up too.
                                           Jack was entertaining (annoying) baby Caroline.
                                  He was trying to scare her with the shark, she just laughed.
 Water balloon fight with Mom. we were both hot, he and Daddy took the dog for a walk, then Jack rode his scooter while I roller bladed, so it was definitely time to cool off.
                                                      It was cold, but it felt so good.
                                                            Pink silly string fight
This was all Memorial Day weekend. Also went running at Keriakes Park, swimming and went to a cookout.Whew, one busy weekend, I had to go back to work to get a little rest. LOL

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