Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fun (mostly) in TN

I have been friends with Cass for a while now. We originally met in a December 2006 group over on Cafemom, cause that is when our sons were born.  Then she started a card making group and I learned how to make cards, I had already scrap booked, but had never made cards. So, then I got into card making and the scrapbooks never got done, LOL Then I decided to quit crafting all-together and lose weight, train for 5k's and get healthy.  Now that I am healthy and no how to manage my time better, I want to get into crafting again.  I went down to her place recently and got the boys together to play, she showed me all of her smash-books and turned me onto Washi tape (love, love, love it, by the way).  I am organizing my craft room today so I can maybe start smashing.  We talked for a while, then took the kids to Monkey Joe's, a big inflatables place. Cass got some great pics of the boys being boys.

 Jack and Noah, friends for almost 5 years. I think they were 2 and a half when we met in person.

                                                                    Love, this picture!!!
 Lunch break and hurricane simulator. What a great day!
Then there was the minor set back of cutting my toes real bad on a sharp edge of the table and a rusty nail, I had to go to Urgentcare. LOL Only me, in a place filled with inflatables would get injured on the underneath of a table.  Had to get liquid stitch with steri-strip and had to get a tetanus shot.  Went back to Cass's house, had more girl talk, drank some coffee and the kids played some more.  It was a great day (mostly). I wished she lived closer, but if she did, we would never get anything actually accomplished cause we would hang out all day. LOL

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I <3 spending time with you, hehe!