Thursday, June 6, 2013


So last weekend, Jack was invited to one of his classmates birthday parties. It was a circus theme and I do not like clowns ever since the Stephen King movie "It".  I told jack if this clown was creepy and didn't speak or smile and just stared at me, that we were leaving.  Well, the clown was very nice. I was proud of myself, I didn't sit in the corner with my eyes closed, saying "there is no place like home, there is no place like home". I just assumed they would have nothing there that I could eat, but they had steak, coleslaw and rice. It's hard to find anything to eat at a birthday party when you have Celiac disease, so that was a plus in my book.  There was an inflatable bounce house that the kids played in a lot despite the on again, off again sideways rain and thunder.  Who knew kids could have this much fun with balloons. They had balloon popping/throwing wars, and Jack even pretended do be pregnant!!! I do not know where he got that idea from, but it sure was funny.

                                      Jack and his classmate Miles trying on the Bozo noses
 Sitting still (I can't believe it), getting his face painted. I have no idea why he wanted to be a zombie, we don't watch anything with zombies in it.

                                                        A very friendly clown/ balloon artist
                                            LOL, some of these balloons just would not pop

 A giant elephant pinata, that the Mom got at Kmart, I didn't know they had pinata's at Kmart, but this was huge compared to the price she paid for it.
Jack had a very fun day, but Mom was worn out and ready to go home, we didn't even stay for cake, presents and to break the pinata, because we had been there for 3 hours already and was exhausted.

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