Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Family vacation

At my job, I have to take my vacation when the Dr's are on their's and usually the summer week off , either falls on my birthday or Jason's birthday.  It falls on my birthday this year and let's just say I could get used to a 2 week long birthday celebration. LOL I took a 2 day trip with Jack and my Mom, came back rested for one day then took a family vacation to French Lick, Indiana (which is only 2 and a half hours away, I love short trips). We have had a blast at the waterpark, playing neon-glow in the dark golf, laser tag, outdoor put put golf, getting a little sun (it has mostly rained, that's the beauty of the indoor water park), a walking, historical tour of the beautiful West Baden resort, a wine tasting, quality time with my family and today a massage.  I still have the monthly Bunco party to look forward to (with a delicious gluten free cake made by a good friend Kim), my actual birthday party, watching World War Z, watching Monsters U and The Fallout Boy concert. Whew! I am tired just reading all this, but I am not a lazy person by any means.  I can't wait to find the time to Smashbook the trips, just have to find time to craft now (hmm, maybe the week in July my Mom will have Jack).

                                         Jack loves bridges and wants a picture of every single bridge, no matter if it is large or small.  We took back roads to French Lick, so I have no idea where we saw this bridge, but here it is.

 Big Splash Adventure water park in Indiana, this kid will play all day long, then he falls asleep in mid sentence. LOL
                                                 Neon, glow in the dark put put.
                                  We don't know the name of this, but we call it the lily pads
                                                               Look Mom, no hands
                                           The beautiful West Baden dome in Indiana

                                                                     Just a little history

 After watching Sweeney Todd, I don't think I will ever look at a Barber chair the same, ever again
                                        My fellas just chillin on the beautiful wrap around porch.  Jason may not like that many things, but he is a sucker for history, I new he would love this place.
                              Jack said this reminded him of the candy shop in Willy Wonka

  Guess who won, guess who won, hint (his cousins said he used to cheat at this game, when he was younger)

                                             Our one day of sunshine, Yes Please.
                                                         I found Pandora dance tunes.
 Our wine tasting, Jack took this picture from the table waiting on the food, which was delicious, of course I think anything would be after sampling 23 wines. LOL

                                                                  My water baby

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