Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Always Busy

 We met some friends at the water park Friday.  It was a blast even though it rained and was a little chilly.
                                                                 Just me and my boy.
                                                           My swimming buddy Caroline.
 Jack's last baseball game of the season, he did great, he has improved so much this year, I am so proud of him.
                                                                        Little Slugger.
 He came home to some happy mail, his friend Noah had sent him Lego figure, candy and a letter.
                                Then Jack had a classmates birthday party to go to at stacks.
                                   What a crazy concoction of ingredients, and he ate all of it.
                                                                      some classmates.
 Then we swung by for Jack's Uncle doug's birthday. Jack just had to get a hug from Miss Shannon.

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