Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer trip with Nana

We went on a little 2 day trip with Nana my Mom since I had off and Jason had to work. We went to Holiday World which was so much fun. I don't have any pictures of any of the rides cause we put our phones in the locker all day.

 Jack is super excited to go in, I think Nana is already tired and the day has just begun.
 This is towards the end of the day and they are tired. Nana is just tired, Jack was being wrotten and moody, but to be fair he played non-stop for 12 hours with no nap.  Which I did too, but I had a little thing called caffeine.
                                                             The one ride I got a picture of.
                                                                     Up he goes.
Then we went to the hotel and crashed, the next day we drove to the Louisville Zoo.
The Louisville Zoo was so much fun, they even had a mini water/splash area for kids and penguins (Jack's favorite)
                                                         posing with Mama
                                                          So creepy
                                                        water park within the zoo, What!!!

                                  These bears were play fighting for the longest time, it was so cute.
                                                       WOW, just WOW
                                                                petting zoo

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