Monday, June 24, 2013

Having a Random Summer

Saw this on the front door before work' thought it was pretty.

 My summer running partner Becky, we have been training for a race this summer, a 5k/16 obstacle course mud run.
 My BFF Jen came for a visit , she gave me some awesome shoes for my birthday, we went out for dinner and drinks and then saw a movie.  Maya had never met Jen before. Needless to say Jack and Maya were jealous of each other and fighting for jen's affection. LOL. Plus Maya really wanted to eat something inside her purse.
                                                Night, night,, they are both exhausted.
 Haha, Jack wanted to drive in the little kid buggy at Kroger's when we went shopping for road trip snacks.
        He is being silly at Nana's house, he said he is a little girl and the blanket is his hair.

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