Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Smashing good time

For those who don't know what smash booking is. it is what the old 80's scrapbooks used to be, before they went and got all fancy. You know a concert ticket stub, a funny quote, a picture from a amagazine smashed into a notebook.  That is actually how my first 2 scrapbooks were, invitations, cards, newspaper articles, marriage advice from the bridal shower all smashed in, but when I showed my scrapbooks to people they were just kind of like, you can do better than that. I have also been told that my handwriting sucks and to type everything and not to journal or hand write anything anymore.  Well, I will turn 35 this month and have come to the conclusion that these are my special memories of mine and my families lives and will do it however I want to do it and just not care what people think. LOL  Which is how I should live my life anyway, not care what people think, but they sneak in somehow.  Well these first 2 smash pages I did last fall and I didn't have a proper smash book.  We have to print and mail recall cards to the patients at work and the cards are backed with cardboard that just gets thrown away. So I started collecting the cardboard, thinking I'll use these someday.  Well that is how my first smash book came about.  They are not as cute as the already prepared scrapbooks, but those 2 pages basically summed up my fall last year. 

      I had some sticker printer paper left of from a baby shower, so I printed pics of our favorite video games to play together and stuck them on and yes those are Angry Birds bandaids. Don't judge me, LOL.

 The next one, now keep in mind these were my 2 very first onesmade from a makeshift cardboard insert book, was of course The Hunger Games. I read the books and became obsessed for a short time then I got to book number three and it was so slow, I barely got through that one. As you can see I clipped magazine clippings, movie tickets and artwork.

Then I visited my sweet friend Cass in Tennessee and saw all her smashbooks and got motivated. Our birthdays are in the same month so we always get together and celebrate. She got me my first smashbook. So of course I started getting organized. I can't wait to use my new book.

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