Monday, June 10, 2013

First smashbook page in my new smashbook

My friend Cass got me my very first smashbook and made me a cute kit in a travel toiletry case which I thought was very creative. I thought it was fitting since she inspires my craftiness, for my first page to be about our friendship. after I did this page I started organizing everything and where I want to put it in the book.  My major problem with scrapbooking is I never had the photos printed off, it was just time consuming to edit, crop and red eye all of them them upload them to the company and wait for them to be printed.  So, I got creative. My Mom has made me a photo calendar for the past 2 years, and I haven't wanted to throw them away, so I have just held onto them.  A light bulb went off one day as I thought to myself these pictures are already cropped, edited and printed. I just have to cut them out.  Yay, I finally have use for the pictures in the calendars.  I have been told I have horrible handwriting, but smashbooks are more like a diary , your thoughts and feelings about the event or person.  so, I journaled,I wrote about how we first met and became friends.
Then I had a dinner date with little man at Chedders, he just had to pose in front of the fountain.

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This N That said...

sAWE! I missed this somehow! So cute!!!! I am so happy you are loving smash*ing!!!