Thursday, June 13, 2013

Smashing again

I love,love,love my new smashbook that my friend Cass got me for my birthday. I figured since I did a page about Cass, I would do a page about my other really good friend Jennifer.  We have been friends for over 10 years and she is also my travel buddy when I want to go somewhere that Jason doesn't want to, Jen will go.  She loves to travel, she will go anywhere.  Here are some pics of our cruise to Jamaica and Nassau, trip to Italy and at Turks and Caicos Islands for her wedding.


This N That said...

OH...MY...WORD!!! WHY haven't you posted these over in the group?!?! You are a natural! LOVE this! YAY!!!!

Toothy said...

Awe, thanks Cass. It's because I should use google chrome to pull pics directly from my phone to blogger and I am too lazy to upload them from the phone to the computer then to facebook. LOL