Friday, May 24, 2013

End of school year gifts

I had trouble coming up with cheap end of school year/yay it's summer gifts for the students in Jack's class this year.  Not to mention that he had a male teacher this year and men are hard to shop for, LOL. I hit the Dollar Tree for the kids and ended up giving them an eraser, a bottle of bubbles, a little tub of cheap play dough, a mini frisbee disc and sidewalk chalk. the kids loved them, so I guess I did good.  Last year I got Jack's preschool class, a tub of snacks, I got the little buckets at the Target dollar spot marked down to .25 each because apparently they were for Christmas, but the colors were green, blue, orange and red, enough of the other colors to not make them look Christmas-like. Jack is getting older and the gifts are gonna be harder to think of, I am hoping to get some super cheap beach balls at the end of summer on sale for the kids for the next school year. The have a great summer tag on the kids bags was actually a free cupcake topper printable found on pinterest, I can't find the link for it now though.  For the male teacher I ended up doing a car washing kit, a gas card and a Walmart card.  For the teaching assistant I did a pedicure kit and a steak and shake gift card.

 Then there was Jack. They don't do kindergarten graduations here, they did last year but quit, so he was sad about that, so I got him a few cheap things for summer. I used the two free $10.00 Kohl's cash that I got in the mail for the Ironman transform car, the swimming pool torpedos and the water balloons, then I went to the Dollar Tree and got the silly string, glow light saber thingy and the wooden Jacob's ladder toy. I only spent $3.00 for all of this and it sure did make his day. He loved the Ironman toy of course but his favorite was the 1.00 ladder toy. LOL
 Here is a picture of me, I had just recently gotten my hair cut and here is the picture of it.

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Hey Heather, enjoyed being with you today at the party. Click on my name when you have a chance and you can view my blog as well =). Hope to run into you again soon!