Sunday, January 5, 2014

still playing catch up from the fall

Catching up on old photos.  These are from October and we had beautiful weather that month. I went running a lot.  This was my 8.5 mile run I did.

                                              Friend time at Jackson's Orchard then shopping

                                    Jack's first fillings, unfortunately he takes after me.
 He is such a big boy, it helped that Nana had him all day and tired him out by taking him places.
 Nana paints amazing pumpkins and this yr Jack requested a Storm trooper Lego pumpkin. Nana did a good job.
                                                  Meet Clone trooper Captian Rex.
 Trip to the zoo
 Aunt Jen Jen met us at the zoo

 You can touch the baby Kangaroos and they are sooooo soft

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