Friday, May 9, 2014

Teacher appreciation week

Teacher appreciation week was a little harder for me this year. I'm a planner so I usually plan way ahead of time and make beautiful cards and paper craft stuff but it snuck up on me. So thank goodness for Pintrest and my printer. I don't have pictures of the daily stuff cause it was just thrown together so fast. Monday I gave her a hershey bar that I paper crafted a cute wrapper and card with then  on Tuesday a pack of gum with a funny saying ,don't remember now what it was. Wednesday just some school supplies for her classroom. I volunteer in the classroom amd know what she can use , first on the list was scissors, hers don't cut very well and are sticky from dealing with tape and glue.  So I got disinfecting wipes ,scissors ,glue sticks ,zip lock bags ,post it notes, red pens and dry erase markers. I found a cute printable that I attached to a card and that was Wednesday's  gift. Here is the printable.

Thursday was a pedicure kit and I made a card that said "Thanks for a toe-rific year". Friday she gets the last and biggest gift which is the only one I managed to get a picture of. It is a summer relax kit. It has a magazine, a beach towel ,sunscreen ,lip gloss ,a drink cup with drink, drink mix and lotion. Then Jack surprised me Thursday morning and said he wants to give all his other teachers something and he went through a list of like 12 people. Including bus driver ,music teacher ,librarian ,art, computer, pe ,guidance counseler ,math teacher, receptionist, principal my whew. So I'm thinking about this all day at work and I have access to several Hersheys bars but I didn't have time to decorate them pretty and make cards.  I remembered that I had Avery printable shipping labels and yay something easy to whip up for so many people. Once I figured out how to print them it took 3 minutes. 

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