Sunday, July 6, 2014

4 day weekend

We got a surprise Thursday off this week so we had a 4 day weekend and it was so fun. I normally only work Monday through Thursday anyway. We went to the science museum in the previous blog post where he got to help with 2 science experiments.  Then on the 4th we have a little 4th/summer birthday party at our house for all my summer birthday family members.  Lots of laughs ,food ,swimming and fireworks.  Then on the 5th we got invited to one of Jack's friend's houses for an all day celebration.  Jack was having so much fun that they invited him for a sleepover.  This would be his first ever sleepover at a friend's house ,he was so excited.  Not to mention the excitement of the party with lots of swimming,  food ,pool basketball, water balloon fights , bon fire and fireworks.  I am determined to keep Jack busy this summer. So far so good. Today we have dinner at Grandma's.  Whew ,I think I need to go back to work to rest a little.  Haha. Did I mention I also ran a July 4th 4k.

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