Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer time

Wow where to begin, so much has happened this summer so far. I haven't posted much because we have been so busy. Jack had his first baseball tournament, VBS , we went to the beach and several fun outings. 

 When we went to the beach this time , we didn't do a lot of extra stuff, we just relaxed and played in water mostly. We did go to two places , the Gulfarium and the Air Force Armament. Jack has my passion with learning about animals too (I did used to have a membership to the Ranger Rick magazine). We loved the sea lion and dolphin show but our favorite was the touch tanks where you can touch and pick up sea urchins and star fish. 

 It is just flying by. I remember being bored when I was a kid on summer break. I think I keep Jack so busy and do so much with him so he doesn't turn into a lazy couch potato like I used to be. I used to schedule my whole life around my tv shows and game schedules, I am so glad I got out of that.  More summer fun coming soon.

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