Saturday, March 14, 2015

Electricity and basketball

It has been raining so much lately that we made a rain gauge and have been measuring the rainfall. We did a static electricity experiment  with a balloon and went to a cool basketball party at the library.  I try to get him out and socialized as much as possible. These two other children  that were  at the library  were so well mannered and they all three played so well together. Jack dislikes art with a passion but when  the other two went to the art table Jack got creative too. I absolutely  love this library  branch and all the amazing programs  they offer. 
They made basketball  cookies with ores and candy coating . They played basketball  with makeshift hoops and had several art activities.  They made a picture  by dipping  a basketball  in paint and them put the ball pattern on the paper. He didn't  want to get paint on his hand so I did my handprint on the basketball then Jack colored a basketball and drew a disco  picture on the back.

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