Saturday, July 4, 2015

How to host a gluten free July 4th/birthday party

My family  comes over early and we eat appetizers and play  games then  we celebrate  all of our  summer birthdays and open presents. Then the July 4th portion of the day starts.  We eat a big meal , go swimming and shoot off some fireworks.  The more time goes by after  being diagnosed  with celiac disease  the easier it is to come up with a whole meal  to please everyone because it was not easy in the beginning.
For the appetizers  I have buffalo  chicken dip with fritos. Mini tacos, and stuffed mini sweet peppers. 
For the main meal I made chicken  parmesan  casserole, peanut butter greek yogurt  fruit dip with apples and grapes, tomato cucumber  salad.  For dessert  a heath bar brownie trifle.
Since it is not easy to  put the Web address of links on my blog from my cell phone, I  have screenshot  the recipes and put them in the photos  portion.

For the fruit dip it was just a cup of vanilla greek yogurt and 2 Tbsp  of pb2 stirred  together.  Pretty yummy and without  all the calories of using  regular  peanut butter. 

Everything  I made was naturally gluten free except  for the brownies for the trifle  which I used a gf Betty crocker mix for and the critics on the chicken parmesan casserole, I used Schar gf Italian  bread crumbs.

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