Monday, September 7, 2015


We had a fun day at the park  with Jack's  cousin then we went to Mammoth Cave for Bat night.  We were able to see the infrared cameras and use night vision  goggles. We got to see them capture  a bat in a net.  Then they weighed , measured and identified the bat. Up close bats are actually  kind of cute.

Jack had his first day  of Homeschool  co-op classes. They just meet twice a month and most of them are fun and educational so it breaks  up  the boring routine and he gets to see his friends.  That is the hard thing about homeschooling   only one child , is trying  to keep him socialized. I think we have the socialization covered between recess at the park with his friends, seeing his cousins every week , co-op , field trips and clubs at the library. His first co-op day was fun.  He has science , time and measurement  , art , building , ancient civilizations, and look who's  talking. He learned the steps  to an experiment , what is a hypothesis, and was able  to see an experiment.  He learned why we have universal  measurements  , and about Mesopotamia. 

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