Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A New Year

We had an amazing Christmas, but it's  over and time to get back to my normal level of activity and eating . I haven't  been able to weight  train much in the past 8 months because of my sciatica issues, hurt knee and arthritis. I can still walk , use my elliptical, ride bike for short periods and swim but mostly I have been walking and doing yoga. I miss being able to lift and weight train but it really doesn't  matter what  activity I pick as long as I do something  and don't  eat crazy. I have lost 6 pounds since Christmas  , just 20 more to reach my goal weight.  I think  I can , I think  I can.
Jack  had a play date at Jump Air Zone and The boys  were playing  and jumping the whole time that  I only managed to get a picture of their backs. They played  so hard and we had so many errands to run on New Year's  Eve that  we were  pooped and asleep  by 9:30.  We finally  got a new rug that the  dog has claimed  as hers. Jack was so proud of his new Minecraft  Lego set that he built all by himself he wanted me to take a picture. 
The following  day which was New  Year's Day , I walk/jogged a 5k.
Now I'm back to work and back toy routines.  I love  being off and spending time with  my family, but I also live getting back to our normal routines.  I'm  a creature  of habit.
I didn't  make any resolutions this year. I'm just trying  to do what I always do because I love my life. We are trying to eat out less and cook more.  We are also spending less so we can pay the car off.  Those  aren't  really resolutions  though  because they will happen ,oh yes , they will.

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