Friday, January 8, 2016

Snow Science

This was my first full week back  at work since  the holidays and I've been good with  my diet and exercise. I'm in several  step challenges on my fitbit with other friends too , starting to weight  train again a little and did a yoga class at the library.
Jack was happy to be back at Minecraft club at the library too and we both did two new classes  as well. I did an adult coloring class and Jack did a cool snow science  class. Our library rocks! I learned new methods of coloring for relaxation therapy  and Jack completed  a few  cool experiments.  At the library he made fake  snow and snow  slime. Good Ole chemical  reactions.
Then today which was my homeschool teaching day which I look forward  to all week , we did a few experiments  as well. We did a penny  in a balloon showing  centripetal force and we made fake colored snow showing osmosis and now we are observing the colored  snow tower for 7 days  for color science and reverse osmosis. We should see the primary colors blend to make secondary colors and the water will evaporate from the fake snow leaving colored insta snow powder. We love science.  We also worked more on our book study of Stuart Little with time , measurement and spelling of new words  from the book. Geography with a map grid  , math word problems , reading comprehension, dictionary , multiplication  and fraction game, study of arctic animals , habitat and show on the Arctic  while we ate lunch, temperature  and volume, working more  on spelling  the 50 states and the state abbreviations. He even did a few chores at the end of his school day without complaining.  He is ready to play his electronics for a little while and I'm going  to relax in the hot tub and read then do some coloring before dinner. I'm  cooking steak and sweet potato fries then later popcorn and the new Minions movie.  Have I mentioned how much I love  Friday's? We  might even have time for a family game tonight.

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