Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Break-itis

When you homeschool and your son has Spring Break-itis because he know's that he is going to spend a whole week at his Nana's  you improvise your lesson plan. After about 2 hours of written work he was over it so we played Boggle and Hangman for spelling practice then we had a field trip at Aviation Heritage park. At the park a pilot talked to the group about the different types of clouds , the water cycle , the parts of an airplane and they made a craft and answered review questions.  They made a water cycle bracelet: yellow bead for the sun heating up the oceans , clear for evaporation, white for the cloud/condensation , dark blue for precipitation and light blue for collection  or accumulation.  I thought it was cute and I used my new knot tying skills from jewelry  class to make it adjustable. Then we ate our picnic lunch and had recess with the group at the park. Then Jack did his reading and Spanish in the car on the way  home. He said it was a great last day before Spring  Break. We even had a birthday party to go to that night for the cousins.

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