Friday, April 22, 2016


Jack had fun at the Staycation stations at the library last week. The first picture shows him doing a camping themed book scavenger hunt which he thought  was fun. The second picture  shows the Hawaiian day and learning about Island culture.  We were able to get him together with his cousin and one of his good friends to go play at Chaney's Dairy Barn. They had a blast.
Then Jack had archery and got it dead center  of the yellow.  He was so excited  that he didn't want to remove the arrow. We went to the Arbor  day celebration and picked up some free trees to plant. They had a lot of helpful information  about the environment and why trees are great. We planted a dogwood tree. Jack was able to bounce in a bouncy  house too. My Mom had given us some hyacinth beans that  she had in her freezer for the Spring and so we did a little seed germination experiment with them. When all 5 beans were about three inches tall we planted them. Jack attended a fun tie dye class at the library.  He was so proud of hus new July  4th shirt that  he made.

Happy Earth Day!

We celebrated by having school outside today which was so fun. We had story time on the hammock too. Then we did an awesome and fun water cycle experiment. We made it rain and you can see the droplets of water on the land. The warm water had salt in it and represents  the ocean , the empty glass  bowl floating on the water represents the land , the plastic wrap on top of the bowl represents the cloud and the ice is the cool atmosphere .

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