Thursday, May 5, 2016

LBL/Hopkinsville Staycation

My Mom spent the night and we had a play date with cousin Aiden. The next day on the way to the Woodland Nature Center at Land Between the Lakes , we stopped  for an unplanned visit to the Jefferson Davis Monument. Jack loves History and Science and even though  I'm  not a history  person  like my husband , I try to get him out and visit  the sites. He had a blast.  The beauty of homeschool is you can do it anywhere.  Jack had an hr and a half of written work before we left , then he did Spanish , spelling , reading and multiplication on the way , then  the Jefferson Davis Monument, then onto the Natute Center to learn all about  water. He learned about water pollution,  the water cycle , how much water on Earth  is drinkable, a lot of educational things about animals that live in water and how to recycle and purify water and to conserve water. Then  we drove around and looked at campsites. We found the perfect spot. Then it was onto Patti's Settlement for dinner. I guess  the theme for the whole day was water since it was raining  then we went to the hotel  amd went swimming. 

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