Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

Being sick is not any fun. Thank goodness that I started feeling better Friday evening and was back to my old self Saturday. I hate calling out sick from work,I feel like I let everyone down,but I'm  sure the patients would not have wanted me nauseous and running a fever trying to clean their teeth. Also because of my stomach bug and the weather  (scattered thunder storms) we had to cancel our tent camping weekend. I still wanted to get out and enjoy nature and there was a break in the weather Saturday. We have never been to Shanty Hollow but have wanted to go,so I packed us a picnic lunch and we went for a hike. The trail was muddy from all the rain, but we made it and it was beautiful. Made me realize how out of shape I am. I had to go back to the car and get my inhaler just in case. The asthma comes back when I'm not doing cardio and conditioning my lungs. I have been watching what I've been eating,walking some and doing yoga but I really need to get back into a little cardio per day. We had a blast and Jack actually played with some other kids at the base of the waterfall.
    On another note,I just wanted to say how awesome the Fitbit company is. My tracker was working just fine but the band was falling apart, so they sent me a new one for free. It's not the same color,but it's fine. That's the only color they had.
     Since I've been a lot better, I have been cooking more. Homemade gluten free chicken noodle soup, tacos and ham steaks with cheesy potatos,green beans and strawberries.  Tonight dinner will be bratwurst,rice and veggies. Tomorrow I am making barbecue chicken. For some reason every time I'm  sick,I go on a major cooking spree afterwards.

    I worked a Hot Rod's game with my sister in law. These kids are hard workers. 

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