Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Amazing Summer so far

We have had an amazing summer,so far. We went to Holiday World with some friends. We were  so tired coming home but had a fun time. I had a Mom friend to talk to,Jack had a friend and Nathan's  sister had a friend so we all had someone to hang with. After we finished with the water park and went to stand in line for the rides, we had our bags with us. Jack wanted to try on Ms . Mandy's sun hat. I got some cute pictures of Jack in the hat,the last two pictures he was pretending to be a girl. He had to do the duck face and take a selfie like all the girls in line,it was hilarious. The next day I went bowling with Cathy.
The last picture is my corner pot on the patio. Last year the pot had a clematis in it but this year my Mom gave me some Hyacinth beans. We started the beans wrapped in a wet paper towel in a zip lock bag taped to the window for a week until  they started to get taller then I planted them in the pot. A few weeks later and they are really tall and have blooms on them.

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