Saturday, September 24, 2016

Buddy Walk and a Baby Visit

Cathy spent the night  and we did a lot of fun stuff and then the next day I took her to the DSSKY Buddy Walk. The rain didn't stop us. There were games,freebies,a magic show,a coloring station and a cool photo booth . We went out to eat at Chili's after. Cathy goes nonstop when she is away from her house and at her house she tends to be lazy and watch TV all day. Needless to say,I  was exhausted fryer having hung out with Cathy for 24 hours,I think I went to bed that night at 7:00.

The next day my friend Jen and her cute baby girl Izzy came by for a visit. Jack is so good with Izzy. Maya gets too excited and has to be separated some though. Isabel likes to play with Jack's  old baby toys. We went swimming too.

Jack had a field trip later in the week with his GRHSA friends to Jump Air Zone. He usually hangs out  with Nathan,Wes or Jaxon. He has a blast with his friends. I'm  so glad  we met this group  of people last year.

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