Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day weekend

We had an amazing time at my Mom's  for the weekend.We drove up Thursday night after I got off work. We did our homeschool teaching at Mom's on Friday. I always try to make Friday's  somewhat fun. After our book work we made cool string resist paintings. Then we did a plant identification nature walk and sun catcher craft. Then we had a cool science experiment making milk and vinegar into plastic. Time for recess so we went to the the playground and the creek. The next day we went to the Lion's Club duck race day. Jack bounced on the inflatables for almost 3 hours, I bid for some things at the silent auction and chatted with the locals. Then it was time for the exciting duck race. If the winning duck and losing duck have your number on the bottom then you win money. We didn't  win,but it was still fun. We had a fun and relaxing weekend at Nana's. We rested,played and watched a few movies. Mom made super delicious gluten free food too.

On labor day we went to a Hot Rod's baseball game, and played a little pokemon go. We walked a lot then went swimming. 

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