Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Celebrating Jason's birthday and a concert in the park

Last Friday we celebrated Jason's birthday, and he wanted me to cook, so I made manicotti, and garlic bread, and had fruit and salad stuff (to make your own), and we had a chocolate silk pie for dessert (he didn't want a birthday cake).  That shows you how often I cook if he wanted me to cook as part of his present.  haha.

Here is the simple but manly card that I made for his birthday:

Then I took Jack to the concert in the park and Jason played games with his friends.  Jack got to play with Ezra and Gracie at the park, and I got to chat with their parents.  

I took a picture of myself  at the park to model my new earings I got at my favorite consignment shop, Beverly Hills Bargain Boutique.  I got these earrings for a dollar and they go great with my new top from K-mart. Yay, I love a bargain, and I am wearing my $3.00 sunglasses on sale at NY and company.

Here is Jack eating chips at the park that Gracie gave him, he looooves chips.


jennruggeri75 said...

Boy, Jack sure does love those concerts!! Looks like tons of fun!! I like your hubby's card... sounds like he had a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, i hope I can keep making it to all of the concerts!! They have so much fun! - Melissa