Sunday, July 12, 2009

Concert in the park

Every Friday night downtown, they offer a free concert in the park.  We met Jack's cousin Gracie and her momma there, and the kids had a blast.  Jack was skeptical at first, but he eventually started to have fun especially since Melissa and Gracie brought toys with them: a pink football, slinkies, and bubbles.  Gracie even shared her potatoe chips with Jack.  Then the kids invented something new: slinky glasses.


The Boddeker Blog said...

I'm so bummed that we missed it!!!

MamaCass07 said...

Looks like he had a blast! Noah loves slinkies too!

ivy said...

looked like the kids had fun!

you asked where to go for your big trip in the future....i would pick san diego. then when he's older, go FL so he can appreciate it more. i plan to wait til bryan is at least 4 to go FL/disney world.