Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crafty time in TN

Jack and I went down to TN yesterday to spend the day with my friend Cass and her son Noah.  I got 4 cards made and Cass got 3 cards and a scrapbook page.  Our boys were a bit on the cranky side (neither one took a nap) yesterday, but we still managed to get some crafting and talking done.
 Jack is exploring in Noah's room, it is always exciting to see new toys.  He LOVES his train table!

 A little craft time for the kids. they made FOAM PUPPETS!  Jack went to sleep with his last night, at first he was gonna just tuck it in with his Zhu Zuh pet Scoodles, but he ended up falling asleep with an elephant foam puppet, so cute.

                                                               Being a cheeseball
Jack had a blast, boys did, until nap time came and went and they still hadn't taken naps. LOL
Will post the cards later on today,

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ivy said...

great smile in that last pic!