Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Time and Energy to craft = lots of cards in one week, haha

Being off of work, I have had so much more energy and I have gotten so much done, I have quality time with Jack (we have read lots of books and played so much together), The house is cleaned, the laundry is done, I got a lot of cards made this week and my Mojo is not gone yet.
This first card is for my friend Cass who just bought her first house so this is a congrats on your new house card.  She had actually given me these papers, so I know she likes the colors.  The stamps are from JoAnn's in the dollar bin.  The flower was from a rak, the ribbon was from a ribbon swap.  It is hard to see but in the bottom right of the yellow paper I embossed the word congratulation in orange ink.
 here is an up close so you can see the congratulations, now I wished I would have used some darker ink, at least you can notice on the actual card, not so much in pictures.
 Diane had sent me some pretty bird images, this image took a while to color, but I think it turned out so pretty.  I colored it with my glitter pen, copics and green glaze pen.  It is hard to see but in the bottom right corner on the white paper it says thinking of you.  I can't do bows, the pretty bow was some that Cass had made, I have been hording them and not wanting to use them, but I think it made this card pop.
 You can see the coloring pretty well in this picture, I wish I would have colored the bird a little lighter of a shade, cause it kind of blends in with the birdhouse.