Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Kid is happy

For the most part, during the work week Jack and Jason are eating whatever Daddy makes, cause I pretty much will eat a salad and a huge bowl of fruit for dinner.  They have already eaten dinner by the time I come home since Jason has to go to bed pretty much as soon as I walk in the door.  On the weekends I have been experimenting with recipes I can have that they will eat too.  I have gluten free vegetable soup in the crock pot for dinner.  I didn't realize that chicken broth, cream of mushroom soup and pretty much all other soups have wheat in them, so I got gluten free vegetable broth and added everything else.  This morning for breakfast I made gluten free pancakes, I added cinnamon and a few organic chocolate chips to Jacks (he loved them), then I made scrambled eggs with gluten free cheese for my picky fellas.  I had a mushroom, spinach and mozzarella omelette.  Jack and Jason said they like Mommy experimenting on the weekends with recipes cause they get to be the taste testers.
Now on to a different topic, Jack's baseball coach finally let him do something else besides being the catcher.  He was the catcher for 6 games and getting pretty bored with it.  The look on his face when he was made 3rd baseman was priceless.  I noticed on all the other teams that they have played they use a different catcher for each inning, but I couldn't figure out why Jack was ALWAYS the catcher.  Last night he came home talking about how excited he was to play in the outfield.
Now on another topic my husband is obsessed with Diablo 3.  I am not bitter though, I think it is great.  When I first met him he was obsessed with some other game and then we had Jack and he was home during the day. Instead of putting Jack in daycare, he took care of his son all day long until he was 3 and preschool started then he got a 4 hour break.  I am a woman, who is a neat freak and a multi-tasker,  men seam to be just one-task oriented (like make sandwich then answer phone).  He would go play games with his friends every Friday night, but that is the only guy time he got.  So, now Jack is old enough to watch him play or help him, or he will play in his room so Daddy can play his game.  I am glad he found his game time again.  I wished my friends lived closer so I could have a girls night once a week.  I have been trying to spend more time with my sister-in-law, we have been watching an old tv show and having lots of girl talk and it has been nice.

I love my game/tv obsessed family (trust me I have been trying to get them outside more).     I think Daddy is counting down the days until kindergarten starts. I give him credit, cause most men could not have taken care of a child 4 days a week for almost 6 years.

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