Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So my favorite wine used to be Moscato, and Jason read online that the only reason to drink wine other than the obvious is the antioxidants.  I don't like red wine I never have, I like sweet wines not dry ones.  Then Jason read somewhere that white wine is basically just sugar that's why it is sweeter and he persisted until I gave in and agreed to try red wine again. Being as relentless as my husband can be, he came home with several different options of a new favorite wine for me, just as long as it was red, then he would move on to another project.  So it was definitely a challenge to find a sweet red wine filled with antioxidants, but I found it.  It is Lambrusco, and it is my new favorite, so delicious.  If anybody out there watches Cougar Town, you know the main character has a gigantic wine glass and it has a name and every time it breaks, she gets a new one and names it.  I think she has gone through Big Joe, Big Carl and now Big Earl.
Well this is the glass Jason got me for Mother's Day along with some Lambrusco.  I think you have made your point honey, I will never drink white wine again (in front of you).
Everyone meet me my new Cougar Town inspired wine glass Big Bob, I just have a red plastic party cup there so you can see how big it is.

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This N That said...

SO funny. That's my ONLY wine that I will drink. So funny. The moscato. My husband has been doing the SAME THING. Bringing home these random "sweet" wines for me to try. So funny.