Sunday, May 13, 2012

Style Icon

So for a while after I had my son I didn't wear makeup, I would walk around in sweat pants.  I didn't feel bad about myself, I just didn't feel pretty so I didn't even try.  Now, that I have lost the weight I am wearing makeup and jewelry, I am wanting to dress up, because I wear scrubs all day at work.  I have always liked Lauren Conrad's style, she has a very classic style with some trendy pieces but not trend overkill.  I was looking through my closet and she is probably the celebrity I dress most like.
I think she dresses feminine and girly with a classic sexy side, granted I'm not that skinny but I pretty much have this outfit in my closet. I wish I had her hair, my hair doesn't look good long , because it is so thin.
Now I don't wear shorts this short, but I love this look.
This is probably my favorite look, it looks so comfortable and just thrown together, but it's casual and trendy at the same time
I love wearing sleeveless tops since my arms and shoulders are smaller and have more muscle definition.  I do not like her sunglasses in this picture though, they are almost beetle like, bug eyes
This is from her own style collection at Kohls and I love how flowey and feminine this look is. I spent so many years looking like a tomb boy that I am so ready to look girly and pretty now.
My thighs aren't small enough for a pencil skirt, but I love both looks. I pretty much wore this look on the left yesterday.  I am not bold enough to wear heels with shorts but I did wear wedges. Baby steps, to not looking like tomb boy.  I always though Lauren handled herself with style and grace, so here is to my fashion icon Lauren Conrad.

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