Saturday, December 27, 2014


Whew this month flew by. We spent the night  at Opryland  hotel  and had a wonderful time looking at all the lights  and displays. Jack and I road on the Delta river  boat and went sightseeing . Jack was able to ride down  this big snow hill 10 times and all 3 of us went to see the big ICE display of the night before  Christmas. I checked with the hotel  and their main 4 restaurants have gluten  free menus  so we chose the Mexican one , Solario for dinner. It was delicious.  I'm  a planner,  I always plan ahead and come prepared  and I knew there  was going  to be a refrigerator in the room and that there are places in the hotel to get breakfast  but they would be crazy busy and since we only live  an hour away , I brought  some food to keep in fridge since every place to eat there is expensive  anyway. I needed it to be stuff that didn't  require  a microwave and I knew we would be staying up till midnight  since the room was expensive and we only went for one night.  Also needed to be stuff that my two picky  fellas would eat so I packed : plastic utensils , jar of peanut  butter , stakz chips  , cashews , gf granola bars , gf crackers,  cut up summer sausage  and cheese slices  to make our own lunch ables ,  a few cans of soda and a small half pint of Jack Daniel's, Jack  drank the sprite and we had jack Daniel's  and cokes. I also packed cuties , string cheese and greek yogurt for breakfast. The trip was a success, we got  to see and do everything  we wanted and didn't  go hungry and didn't  have to pay  a ton of money for food or alcohol  and Jack even got to swim in the indoor pool for an hour and a half  while I read. Definitely  a great trip, I think  we will be doing this again next year.

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