Friday, January 2, 2015


Well I have the usual  resolutions, lose weight, blah , blah , blah. I had to get to the root  of the problem since I had put on 35 pounds in two years since having to go gluten free.  I had the healthy eating thing down before  I was diagnosed with Celiac disease.  I had exercise  and eating right ,down and I had lost 80 pounds  and then was diagnosed and the Dr told me I would gain weight  and boy he wasn't  kidding. I gained the initial  10 pounds from my small intestine being able to absorb nutrients  again, but then I gained the rest from eating  all the processed prepackaged gluten  free foods. News flash , the gluten is the protein  so most of the prepackaged gf foods have zero protein and double the carbs. So my goal  is to eat healthy natural gf foods and have 2 cheat  days a week where I can have a small amount of prepackaged gf foods.

Well it's  almost 2 weeks into  the new year and I have  lost 8 pounds of bloat weight  and I have stuck to my resolution.  I had a Bunco dinner Friday and she made the whole meal gf and I ate a lot and last night  I had gf bread on my grilled cheese  at the inlaws. So I think  if I stick to natural gf stuff and have 2 splurge  days and continue  to workout , I won't  keep rapidly  putting on weight.  I'm crossing my fingers  that this works. I do not ever want to be overweight and unhealthy or malnourished  again (malnourished  when I was ingesting gluten).
I also have a new year's  resolution  to be a little more  selfish.  I always do everything  for everyone  else and spread myself thin and try to please everyone. I'm  taking  some of my me time back. Tv shows are just not important  to me like they are to my husband as I get older I rather take the dog for a walk , read a book , relax with yoga or play  boardgames with Jack.  I will not waste my time watching  tv shows that I do not care about just because  someone wants me to. Also I will actually  spend some money on me this yr. Whenever I go shopping I always spend money on other people. Case and point I took my Christmas  money and bought 2 graduation  gifts for seniors.  I am making a linen and laundry gift basket with sheets , towels , laundry detergent, toiletries , small kitchen stuff , rolls of quarters for yhe graduates. I had  some money leftover  and realize I had already broken that resolution so I bought a sweater , ate lunch and saw a movie with  a friend.  That felt wonderful. I love giving back  to charities and thinking and doing for others bit it felt nice to treat myself too.

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