Sunday, January 25, 2015

I'm a workout hazard

I've  been working out a lot. I have always enjoyed it but  I get burned  out and bored easily. Lately I have  taking Tabata  boot camp  class twice a week , doing a 10 minute workout first thing in the morning  before my shower which consists of the daily 6 minute  online Tabata videos and then I'll  do something  else like push ups, sir ups ,squats,lunges and jumping  jacks.  I try to do fun stuff on the weekends like take the dog for a jog , roller blade , have a snowball  fight  with Jack , run around with the kids during  dodge ball PE group. I have always been accident prone but I  am hilarious when I workout.  I knee myself in the chin during burpees, I punch myself in the face during speedbag , I sometimes fall on my but during kickboxing and I get elbow burns on my elbows  during elbow plank.  I often whack myself in the back of the head jumping  rope.  I am not a quitter and am accident prone.  I just don't  want to break any bones but I will continue  to try and keep things fun and interesting. 

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