Friday, January 16, 2015

The 100th day of school

Today was our  100th day of school celebration. We had lots of fun activities, including  what can you build with 100 legos , recess: how many of each activity can you do in 100 seconds such as hopping on one foot  or jumping jacks , putting together  a 100 piece puzzle , answering silly 100 questions , reading 100 site words , spelling 100 words , fun math and science  experiments too , also a fun snack(2 mini donuts and a twix) .We had lots  of fun with  learning today.  I found all of these work sheets on pinterest. The last picture of one of the science experiments  was to observe the effects of expanding gas. You freeze  an empty  2 liter bottle for a few minutes  then dip the open top into a solution of water and dish soap and there will be a bubble at the top. When the bottle  is removed  from the freezer , the air heats up and the air molecules  move farther apart , some of the air  is forced out of the bottle and creates  a bubble. 

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