Friday, November 6, 2015

School Daze

     This was my first week back at work after being off for a week and a half. I was ready  to get back to my normal routine.   I absolutely  love the local  library , they have awesome programs.  They have yoga classes  for me and Minecraft  club for Jack , plus movies and books as well.  Jack and I had a mother  son date on Thursday to eat dinner  at Wheatless and to go see a show at the planetarium.  The show was all about the Sun. I love that  there are so many free activities  for kids in Bowling  Green.

We had co-op  this week. A lot of teachers were out this week but we made it work. Jack completed  some Math morning  work pages while I was packing our  lunches and making breakfast.  Jack read a book and we discussed spelling words on the way to co-op In science they made a rain cloud in a jar and talked about weather. In time and measurement  class we measured the distances of the planets from the sun using  toilet paper. In art Jack made a hand tree , I thought it was a neat fall picture.  In building Jack built with Legos and helped  engineer  a tall tower structure. Then of course  lunch and recess is an all time favorite.  We learned about Rome and the coliseum in ancient civilizations  class. The last class of the day is all about public speaking and how  to become  a better speaker when you have an audience.  Jack was giving the audience clues to a person in the "guess who" game. He still has painfully  shy moments but he has  come a long way from where he was.  Then on the way home from co-op  we quizzed times tables.
I am always worn out after  teaching and co-op so when we got home I took a nap and Jack ride bikes with Dad.
     The next day we had a blast at the BRHSA fall festival.  This little boy Peyton  loved my ball in a bucket game. Jack's  favorite  was the cross bow , shoot the crow game. Jason and Jack get serious with  the vegetable car race.  He had a blast and played  hard. We were there for 4 hours. They give you  tickets when you register  and they  have lots of door prizes. Jack  won the guess how much candy is in the bowl game and he won all the candy , the pretty glass bowl , 40.00 to spend at a nursery (that doesn't  expire till next year ,I know where I will be getting my mums from next year) and a new soccer ball and these  cool leave shovel scoops.
     I won a raffle prize too and I got to choose which one I wanted.  I chose the Wheatless  gift card and a certificate to get a free pedicure at a local salon. I was pooped after  all that  and took a nap when we got home too. I'm  not one to nap unless I'm  not feeling well. The naps and resting all day Sunday did me well because I feel a lot better.

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