Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving School Day

So here goes our Thanksgiving  homeschool  day. We read books , did some pretty fun crafts , Jack helped me bake while learning math and measurement  , He did a multiplication  color turkey , we discussed Squanto and starvation and the Mayflower.  When you don't have brown beads for the story of Thanksgiving  bracelets,to make brown beads with  glue and brown fun flock. We  even watched a cool Thanksgiving  documentery.  We had an awesome  day.

Then the Thanksgiving meal  at my in laws  happened. I had so many gluten free options.  The meal was amazing.  Then an incident happened. I will say this, it is one thing to discipline someone else's child but it's  quite  another to pound your fist on the table angrily  yelling at them to shut up. We don't  speak to each other  like that  and I would never speak  to an 8 yr old child like that.  I had to hold  my child sobbing in my arms  for an hour. That  is unacceptable  behavior and will not be tolerated in my house or towards  my child. We had a perfect  day until that happened. We had to rearrange our Christmas plans so we wouldn't  have to be near that  person either.  It's  a shame too. When she had her back surgery I visited  her twice  and brought her flowers and sat in her room talking to her for several  hours. I thought we were friends. That being said. I am thankful  today for the good people in my life that  are kind. The world needs to be more  kind. I am thankful for the people that  want us in their lives and my awesome friends and family. 

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