Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Wall Hanging

Gracie liked the room sign I made for her so much that I thought well I am going to make one for Connor.  Connor is the other dental hygienist's son (Amy from work), and he just turned one, so the sign is really more for Amy than for Connor, but I thought it ended up cute.  She liked it so much she went around to everyone in the office and showed it off, since this also happened the same day as my aweful migraine, I will say her excitement over the sign was the highlight of my day.

Here is the sign:  it is kind of hard for me to make boyish stuff cause girl stuff is just easier since I am one.  His room is blue and brown with puppies, so I tried to match his decor.


jennruggeri75 said...

This is too cute!

NormaJean said...

OMGosh Heather that is so flippen cute, I love it.
hugs Norma

Lisa M. (aka. Lisabee) said...


And as for my gift card holder...I just decided to try to see if it would work with just a i said in my post, just make the slit 3/8" wider then your gift card and it will work fine.

Glad your migraine is all gone!

MamaCass07 said...

I LOVE this wall hanging! Its PERFECT, Heather! Great job!!!

The Boddeker Blog said...

SO cute! Great job!

The Boddeker Blog said...

Hey Heather! I'll be there tomorrow. Sorry I didn't RSVP appropriately!