Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cute Baby Onesie Cards, and a pic of Jack

So, I decided to try this great tutorial by Lauren on how to make a baby onesie card.  After I made the first one the second one went pretty quickly.  I have several friends having girls soon, so I had to get started on making the cards.  And I am proud to announce that Jack is completely in a toddler bed.  The first night was rough, but he has gone down the first time for the past 4 nights.  Yay.  So, the picture of Jack you are looking at is my sweet boy falling asleep while watching Sponge Bob on our bed.  It was just a nap don't,have a cow Mom he is not going to sleep on our bed often. haha


Jan said...

OH! How cute..love your onesies!

Heather said...

I love your onesies!!! too cute!!! And Jack is precious! I love how you added that about your mom freaking out :) lol! Thats what moms are for right :) I look back at some of my moms 'freak outs' and think .. hmmm she was right ;) Such a sweet pic and a precious moment. Thanks for sharing!

(funny~ my word verification is pantless)

NormaJean said...

Heather what a great card, its so cute, I love it!!
Hugs Norma

ivy said...

cute onesie cards!

i gotta work on bryan sleeping on his own.........and then there's the potty training too.