Friday, June 12, 2009


So, I guess I had always thought I  had a few migraines in my life but now that I have had an actual migraine I now know that those were just intense headaches and not a migraine.  Wednesday I came down with either a cold or sinus problems, don't know which, probably a cold since my son and mother-in-law have colds.  Thursday I thought I was just dealing with a drippy nose while wearing a mask and leaning forward to clean someone's teeth, yes you can just use your imagine as to wear the drippy nose dripped to, lets just say I changed my mask often that day.  Then all of a sudden right in the middle of cleaning someone's teeth I lost complete vision in my right eye,  I made up some excuse about having to go check on their x-rays for a minute in the lab, then I ran to the bathroon and started flushing my eye with water, then I put eye drops in, I still didn't have vision, so I just sat in the bathroom in the dark for about 5 minutes.  I went back into my room and I had vision back so I finished cleaning his teeth, then after the Dr. checked him and he left, I was entering in the patient's notes into the computer and all of a sudden this fuzzy looking black and white circle thing appered whenever I looked at anything with my right eye, then it went to both eyes.  I went in and talked to the office manager, because I couldn't obviously clean teeth if I couldn't see, she said since my next patient cancelled to just rest my eyes until the next person showed up.  The other dental  Hygienist said that is what happens to her when she gets a migraine, and I thought oh great that is all I need (keep in mind I thought I had one before, so I thought it was just a strong headache).  So, I rested a little then my next patient which is my last one before lunch showed up and started cleaning her teeth and during the cleaning I got this intense splitting headache and I was so nautious that I thought I was going to throw up all over her, when I was finished I told her that I would be right back that I was going to get the Dr. to check her, well I was so dizzy when I got up that I had to hold onto the wall and for some reason instead of telling the Dr. I was finished I went right into the office manager's office and start balling my eyes out like a big baby cause I was in so much pain.  Now keep in mind that I am not one of those people that call out sick often, I mean heck I have worked with walking pnemonia before.  So I layed down on the dental chair in my room and curled up with the pillow and turned the light off and just cried, I thought I was gonna pass out.  Amy, the other dental hygienist came in and cleaned up my room and enetered in the patient's notes for me and said they were letting me go home and moved my patient's over to her chair and had to cancel a few, so she wouldn't have too many.  There was no way I could drive home, my vision was so blurry, and I was still dizzy and nautious, so I called Jason to come get me and he brought his brother with him to drive my car home.  I live about 20 minutes away from where I work, so while I was waiting on them I got even more sick and some how in my dizzy stupor stumbled to the bathroom so I could throw up twice.  Then finally when I got picked up and got home I looked at all of my prescriptions from my 3 surgeries last year and found one that was like a really strong aleve (anaprox), took it and fell asleep.  After my 4 hour nap it was all over and I hope to never have that happen again.  I really feel sorry for people like Amy that gets migraines often.  I looked up migraines on the internet and apparently I had a migraine with aura (loss of vision or blurriness) which is less common than a migraine without aura, and the triggers (there were several but I am just listing the ones I was probably exposed to)change in barametric pressure (we have had storms here lately), eating chocolate, taking birth control pills, and artificial sweeteners.  I am so scared now, cause I never want that to happen ever again.

That was what happened to me yesterday, today, no headaches, but the upper respiratory infection is still there.

Sorry this was so long, had to type it in sections whenever I felt good enought to type.


Heather said...

Oh heather. That makes me so sad. I can not imagine the pain you felt. My sister gets migraines way too often, even once a week until she got medication for them. now they are fewer, but still a few a month. I remember hearing that they made her so sick she would puke. I hope you are feeling better and the infection goes away fast. hugs to you, take care of yourself. and no more migraines!!!

sanwanyak said...

Heather I am so sorry you are sick and that you had that aweful migraine.I get at least two a year and they are no fun I can always tell when one is coming on from my eye getting blurry!Hope you get to feeling better soon!!(((hugs))