Thursday, October 30, 2014


As a homeschool family, we still try to get Jack to do 20 to 30 minutes of exercise daily ,if the weather is beautiful that is just a bonus.  Well turned our 1.25 mile walk into a learning and nature walk as well. We discussed why the leaves change color and fall. We discussed chlorophyll and photosynthesis too. We talked about different types of clouds as well. Here in Kentucky, we are used to seeing pine cones, acorns and walnuts.  We have these bug green ,bumpy things that fall from the trees (I wouldn't want to get hit in the head by a falling one) called horse apples. Jack is fascinated with them so of course I Googled and looked at wikipedia to learn more.  They are called Maclera  pomifera also known as hedge apples. They are from the Osage orange tree. We watch a lot of Discovery Channel and survival shows, so of course my first question, was is it edible or poisonous.  They are not toxic however have made a certain type of horse and ground sloth extinct because they are so dense and fibrous that they get lodged in the throat and the animal chokes. Often if one breaks open during it's fall from a tree ,squirrels will eat the seeds. They say that they can be used as insect repellent but be careful if you are allergic to latex, the inside sticky liquid is liquid latex.  The tree itself has very durable wood and was used to make weapons ,especially bows and fences.  The burns a long time to but needs to be monitored because it sparks a lot when it is burning.  I like learning about my new Kentucky home.  I wasn't raised here like my husband was.  I love that Jack was so curious about something too.

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