Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday funday

We met my Dad for lunch in Hendersonville today at the streets of Indian Lake shopping mall. We got there early so we could shop a little early.  We picked up some really fun children's history books with our 10% off teaching discount.  I love that my husband is surrounded by books and magazines and his purchases are for homeschooling our son. Then we ate lunch at Red Robin, it's not very often that I can go to a restaurant and order a gluten free hamburger with an actual gf bun. They usually would just bring it out sandwiched between two pieces of lettuce.   Then after lunch we went to the mall where they were having a free fall festival in the courtyard. Jack got to watch a magic show and he was even a part of the show.  There were a lot of bouncy houses and even a little bouncy haunted house. He had a blast.

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