Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tent Camping

This was our first tent camping experience.  Jack had a great time except for the cold and rain. Our first day we get there and set up the tent then had to jump in the tent for an hour and a half because it started to rain, but at least we got the tent set up before it rained. We had snacks and played Uno. When the rain stopped we walked to Mammoth Cave visitors center and looked at the museum then Jack became a Junior Ranger.  We then walked around outside then cooked dinner on a campfire which is always fun. Then after we ate and cleaned up our friends arrived. I had a friend and her son come up and camp with us. Then as soon as she got her tent set up it started raining again. Ugh. The next day was nice but it got colder and colder.  We made a big breakfast then went back through the Mammoth museum then went on a hike ,with snacks of course. Then we heard that the temperature was going to get down into the 30's that night.  So after our hike , it was time to gather firewood and sticks. They even let us use the cardboard in the cardboard recycling bin at the general store.  Even though it rained a little and got cold it was a great first tent camping trip for Jack. Did I mention the coyotes which scared us and kept us awake since they were pretty close to our camp.

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