Saturday, August 20, 2016

2nd week down

We are moving right along with our 2nd week of 4th grade. We started the Story of the World,history and geography curriculum this week too. I think we are going to like it. After the introduction unit we did a family history going into a family tree project. Jack had to interview family members and write a journal. He liked it a lot. He likes every subject except Language Arts. He doesn't mind reading  spelling or vocabulary but he can't stand sentence structure and writing. My goal this year is to get him to write proper sentences on things that he likes. If I can get him to write paragraphs about Minecraft then I know he will be able to write more research papers this year. He had fun researching Abraham Lincoln last year but when it came time to write the paper he turned into a baby.
We finished our written work yesterday around noon and net some friends in Owensboro at the Owensboro Science Center. It was a cute little science museum. They had a science talk too. She talked about caves in a cave replica . All the talks about caves and times we have been to Lost River Cave and Mammoth Cave have rubbed off on Jack because he was answering questions left and right. I was proud of him because even if he knows the answer he usually  stays quiet. Then she talked about environmental pollution,water pollution and water erosion. I had no idea that golf courses were the number 1 method of pollution followed by factories then farms. They spray the golf courses daily  with chemicals to get them to look like that,then it rains and washes all of the chemicals into the drains. The drain water dumps  into the rivers.
After the cool science talks,we went across the street,by the river to Smothers Park. This park is amazing. We need more like it. Jack played for almost 2 hours,then it was time to drive back. We had fun and Jack was able to see friends for 2 weeks in a row. I'm  ready for the weather to be a bit cooler and then we will do lots of fun outdoor things and nature science.

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