Friday, August 12, 2016

St. Louis Day 3

We had to pack up all our things and head back home today but not before heading to the zoo and the science center. We were  pressed for time so Jack and I each picked 2 animals that we wanted to see and since the zoo is free,we were not out any money. I picked the elephants and monkeys and Jack picked the penguins and the sea lions. We went through 3 big loops and saw many other critters on our way to our choices too. We left our car in free parking on the street and road the trolley to the science center in Forrest Park. It was Jack's first time on a trolley. He was excited. I think a giant park with everything in it and miles and miles of hiking and biking paths needs to come to my town. Did I mention that the science center is free too. Yep. We love Forrest Park. The park also has a boat house with rentals, golf course,Frisbee golf course,butterfly house,art museum,botanical gardens and outdoor amphitheater. Jack loves the speed check over the highway. Jack loves clocking the cars.

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